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Literature and Media


Nicholas of Flüe – a political Mystic
Signer, Walter / Appius, Guido, Bruder-Klausen-Stiftung, Sachseln, 4th edition 2011, 36 p., CHF 7.50
Short biography, illustrated

Brother Klaus – Man of two worlds
Yates, Christina, The Ebor Press, York/GB, 1989, 70 p., CHF 10.00
Biography, accounts of eyewitnesses, the narrative visions, Brother Klaus today

Brother Klaus – our companion through life
Bruder-Klausen-Stiftung, Sachseln, 2nd edition 2015, 48 p., CHF 5.00
A small and illustrated biography

Nicholas of Flüe – Brother Nicholas. The Saint of Peace throughout the World
Kaiser, Lothar Emanuel, Editions du Signe, Strasbourg/F, 2002, 64 p. CHF 10.00
His activity as mediator of peace in history and in today’s world from Burundi to Siberia

The Prayer Book of St Nicholas of Flue
Abel, Winfried, Christiana Edition, Stein a.R., 1999, 48 p., CHF 5.00
Explanations of the meditation picture

Key to the Meditation Picture of Brother Klaus
Bruder-Klausen-Stiftung, Sachseln, 2012, 4 p. A5, CHF 1.50

The Vision of Peace of Brother Klaus von Flue
Banz, Josef, Bruder-Klausen-Stiftung, Sachseln, 2010, 20 p. A5, CHF 4.00
Lecture by Father Josef Banz

Audio-visual Media

Niklaus von Flüe. Mystic. Mediator. Man.
Bruder-Klausen-Stiftung, 2016, DVD in English, French, German, Italian, 30 min., CHF 25.00
The life and influence of Flüeli-Ranft indweller, Brother Klaus.

Nicholas of Flüe – inspiration of peace
Lang, Silvère, Communauté du Chemin Neuf, Lyon/F, 2012, DVD in 16 languages, 30 min., CHF 20.00

The Prayer Cloth of Brother Klaus
Bruder-Klausen-Bund, Sachseln, five-colour print on cloth in original size (68 x 75 cm), CHF 19.00

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